Relocations & Addons

Small and large changes to your cabling infrastructure

In a dynamic environment, business demands for network infrastructure amendments such became an ongoing process for organisations. Whether it relates to a minor modification on your existing infrastructure or a large scale relocation, we have the right solution for you.

Our projects include:

Network upgrades

Service and maintenance of existing infrastructure (routers reprogramming, password configuration, rack cleaning up, network points configuration)

Cabinets relocation

Cabinets modifications installation

Our experienced will visit your premises, listen from you, understand your needs, plan and deliver the most suitable solution for you, protecting your assets and securing an undiscontinued operating infrastructure.

  • Any type of cabling move, add or change

  • A cost effective and competitive solution

  • We can help with any MAC project, large or small

  • Data center relocation checklist

  • In-depth consultancy and planning

  • Business continuity and minimal/if any impact

  • Packing & transport

  • Experienced relocation specialists

Lets discuss about your project

NETWORKSCY provides a full IT relocation service which can cover the move of a single device in an office through to relocating an entire data centre. The key to successful delivery is planning every detail with precision.

  • Consultation and project planning
  • Office desktop MAC
  • Data centre audit, relocation, migration and consolidation
  • Data centre capacity planning and infrastructure readiness
  • Disposal, recycling or reselling of redundant EOL active equipment

We are a trusted partner for many organisations seeking to optimise their data centre operations through cabling moves, adds and changes and efficient cabling infrastructures.