Equipment Supply

Outsourcing that pays for itself

Whether you are planning to start your business from scratch, work on a new project or replace your business’ existing infrastructure, the equipment selection process is decisive for the long term stability of your operations.

We can supply network equipment solutions that fits best for all you needs!

Give us the opportunity to discuss about your new project and let our well trained personnel offer advice on the optimum equipment solutions for your case.

Let us welcome you to our new warehouse located at the headquarters of our company in Nicosia. There, you will find high quality equipment suitable for your needs that will offer to you the highest return on your investment.

  • Fiber optic equipment

  • Routers and switches

  • Data center cooling

  • Cabinets and Containment Systems

  • Cables and connectors

  • Ups & battery cabinets

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Cabinet accessories

Lets discuss about your project