Data Center Design

Data center planning professional and requirements-oriented

Data centers are the control hubs of businesses and organizations. Complex architectures and operating workflows, as well as a range of different applications, all pose a challenge for the network infrastructure. The quality requirements that are placed on structured, application-neutral cabling are correspondingly high. Individualized planning and a high level of automatic cable management play an important role.

Transmission paths and attenuation budgets must be considered right from the start in the design of a modern data center. This is because efficient cabling forms the basis for the trouble-free operation of all the processes and this factor must therefore be taken into account during the data center planning phase.

NETWORKSCY's highly experienced employees will work with you on your project right from the outset. Our skilled employees will work at your premises to ensure reliability and security in every phase of the project. That is what NETWORKSCY stands for. Rock-solid consulting. For a secure future. And a safe investment.

Detailed planning is the key to a successful data center

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Good data center planning is everything

We will help you find the data center architecture that is right for your needs. Efficient cable management combined with the level of flexibility you want and the necessary reserve capacity to cope with the data rates that will be demanded in the future. We will show you various solutions and assess their cost and feasibility.

  • Architecture planning

  • Area planning

  • Cabling planning