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Consulting & Planning

Joint consulting and careful planning form the basis for every project. For more than 10 years, we have been planning IT infrastructures and assisting in their construction and operation. The scope and progress of the planning phase can differ greatly depending on the starting situation and environment.

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Installation Services for efficient infrastructure

Installation requires the utmost care and comprehensive know-how. In addition, the necessary resources must be available. This is because IT applications are becoming less and less fault-tolerant as their sophistication increases, and for cabling this means that there is a need in precision of quality services.

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Managed Services

“one-stop-shop partner” for our customers, offering everything needed for data center, IT infrastructures from a single source. Our Service Team, which has tremendous experience, offers a wide range of services,and solutions throughout Cyprus. 

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Lets discuss about your new project

Structured Cabling
The backbone of your entire network

Innovative IT cabling for your Data Center

Professional data center planning
efficient data center operation

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Forward-looking solutions for your building cabling.

Structured building cabling
innovative building cabling with FTTACP

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The ideal partner in network infrastructure solutions and support

We have a reputation of the service provider who establishes long lasting relationships with customers and associates. Any projects are delivered by industry qualified staff that serves our customers with passion and professionalism.

You should expect from us ethos, professionalism, strong relationship, flexibility, quality installations and after sales service.

1. Data center

Let our team of experts design, install and manage your data center of the future. A setup that will constitute the backbone of your company’s operations and secure long term business success.

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2. Cabling

A robust cabling solution adaptable to your ever changing needs supports sustainable performance. Designed and delivered by Network experts and long term guaranteed by the best in the world manufacturers.

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3. Wireless

Improve your network infrastructure and access information fast and securely. Optimum design and installation with high quality equipment according to your business needs. All you need to operate in a reliable technology environment.

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Fiber Optic
Unlock the speed of light

Future-proof & adaptable building cabling

In order to meet the constantly growing performance requirements,

it is also necessary to adapt the building cabling.

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Economical and flexible solution for your local network

Efficient active and passive network from a single source

Greatest possible flexibility – simple retrofitting in business operations

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