To have a certificate of Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional (CNIDP®) gave us the opportunity to learn how to complete a detailed campus network design project and deliver this via an effective tender response. It gave us the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver complex infrastructure design projects from inception through to customer hand-over.

The importance of working with our stakeholders is that the network performance is maximized to meet the customer’s needs.

Through this program, we had explored the complex issues involved when designing whilst planning for both Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP) network infrastructures examining the role of the designer and the multitude of disciplines required to deliver a multifaceted design to meet the customer requirements, but also to understand the design life cycle (from concept to design completion).

The complex issues involved in completing a response to a Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Invitation to Tender (ITT) have benefited us from gaining an understanding of all aspects of the tendering process and appreciate the need for thorough, detailed and accurate submittals to our client.

Having a certification of CNIDP®, it provided us with the requirements for compliance, to fully understand the national and international regulations, codes and standards.

One of our primary goals is to be an excellent
partner for our customers


We have been certified through the program of Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP®). 
This program is proven to be for us an essential certification wishing to demonstrate our technical knowledge of data centre architecture and component operating conditions. By creating a comprehensive data centre design that supports the critical needs of the business, examining in-depth the key constraints of data centre functionality to deliver a balanced, efficient and sustainable solution.
It has taught us with the best practice principles for the design, construction and operation of computer rooms and data centre operational support facilities but also has addressed to us the importance of accurate interpretation of detailed customer requirements at the planning stage to ensure that the business needs remain focal to all decision making
It gave us the opportunity to explore and learn the key elements of physical infrastructure, electrical distribution systems, air-conditioning, data cabling and building support systems. 
Having a certification of CDCDP®, it gave us the requirements for compliance, to fully understand the national and international regulations, codes and standards.